Western Union F.A.Q.

In order to increase competitiveness and market expansion of its services, Western Union launched a program of loyalty Western Union Gold Card for customers, who has repeatedly made money transfers via Western Union. Most service points of Western Union work in the time convenient for customers throughout the week and throughout the year. You do not need to open a bank account, so you can send or receive money in any of the 170 000 service points of Western Union around the world. In the 30's of the twentieth century, Western Union has become the world's largest telegraph company. In the early 60s Western Union has put into operation transcontinental microwave system of data transmission via radio waves, completely replacing the web of telegraph poles and wires.

List of Places in United States, Salem (City)

Name Address Phone
FOOD LION #365 in Salem 28 Wildwood Rd Salem, VA 24153 540-389-6059
KMART #3544 in Salem 1355 W Main St Salem, VA 24153 540-387-2521
WOODFOREST #0960 in Salem 1841 W Main (near Turner) Inside Wal-mart Supercenter Salem, VA 24153 540-387-1509
GO MART #97 in Salem 1918 West Main St Salem, VA 24153 540-389-5674
KROGER #226 in Salem 1477 W Main St Salem, VA 24153 540-387-2481
KROGER #226 in Salem 1477 W Main St Salem, VA 24153-3120 540-387-2481
KROGER #320 in Salem 1925 Electric Rd Salem, VA 24153-7424 540-375-2600
KROGER #330 in Salem 161 Electric Rd Salem, VA 24153 540-986-0009
DOLLAR GENERAL #4055 in Salem 251 Wildwood Rd Salem, VA 24153-2321 540-389-9261
SALEM TOBACCO SHOP in Salem 2071 Apperson Dr Salem, VA 24153-7233 540-989-1010