Western Union F.A.Q.

In the 1910-1920 years. Western Union is actively engaged in researching, innovating in the field of data transmission. In 1864, fearing the laying of long underwater lines, Western Union offered to carry out laying of telegraph lines to Europe through the Russian Alaska under the narrow Bering Strait and then to Siberia with branching in the major cities of Europe. In 1849, Selden and Sibley, the founders of the future Western Union, created the New York State Printing Telegraph Company. Separation of the companies had two objectives: first, to give Western Union the opportunity to develop more intensively, and secondly, to help First Data to return to its original activity (in 1992 the company separated from the payment system of American Express as an independent financial services company). In 1995, First Financial Management was acquired by First Data Corp. (the deal amounted to $ 7 billion), and Western Union Financial Services became a subsidiary of First Data. In 1988, the company undertook a massive reorganization in response to rapidly changing business conditions. In particular, this need has arisen due to many technological changes that have taken place at that time. Company name was changed from Western Union Telegraph Co. to Western Union Corp. Transaction with Fexco has allowed Western Union to control directly more than 10 thousand points of service, which belonged to Fexco in 7 European countries (Spain, UK, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Finland).

List of Places in United States, Lawrence Co.

Name Address Phone
DOLLAR GENERAL #2485 in Aurora 1602 S Elliott Ave Ste F Aurora, MO 65605-2133 417-678-0737
REGIONS #7715 in Aurora 1625 S Elliott Aurora, MO 65605 417-678-4146
FASTRIP #14 in Aurora 600 E Church Aurora, MO 65605 417-678-3600
RAMEY'S SUPERMARKET #15 in Aurora 708 South Elliott Aurora, MO 65605 417-678-3800
MURFIN'S MARKET-MARIONVILLE in Marionville Hwy 60 Marionville, MO 65705 417-258-5644
DOLLAR GENERAL #3949 in Marionville 408 Hwy 60 Marionville, MO 65705 417-258-7722
FAMILY DOLLAR #1894 in Mount Vernon 214 E Mount Vernon Blvd Mount Vernon, MO 65712 417-466-4066
SUMMER FRESH #83 in Mount Vernon 615 E Mt Vernon Mount Vernon, MO 65712 417-461-1717
REGIONS #7717 in Mount Vernon 106 East Mount Vernon Blvd Mount Vernon, MO 65712 417-466-2171
KUM & GO #571 in Mount Vernon 900 E Mount Vernon Blvd Mount Vernon, MO 65712-2104 417-461-0762
DOLLAR GENERAL #7596 in Mount Vernon 641 E Mount Vernon Blvd Mount Vernon, MO 65712-2101 417-461-0340
DOLLAR GENERAL #6781 in Pierce City 203 E Commercial St Pierce City, MO 65723-1202 417-476-5323