Western Union F.A.Q.

In 1849, Selden and Sibley, the founders of the future Western Union, created the New York State Printing Telegraph Company. In 1914 Western Union engineers invented the first payment card - a prototype of the modern credit card. The presence of Western Union Gold Card at the client greatly simplifies the process of further processing of money transfers of and reduces the operation time for the sending of money, as the "Gold Card" is a carrier of the personal information about the client. The first offices of company were located in the Reynolds Arcade building in Rochester, New York. The sign above the main entrance to the building - «Western Union Telegraph and Cable Office» (1932).

List of Places in United States, Lake Co.

Name Address Phone
US BANK #3180 in Lakeview 518 N 1st St Lakeview, OR 97630 541-947-3317
SAFEWAY #4316 in Lakeview 244 North F St Lakeview, OR 97630 541-947-2324
LA BANQUE POSTALE in New Idaho Route Principale Mtzamboro, 97630 +33-2-69620271