Western Union F.A.Q.

In April 1851 companions registered in Albany New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company (NYMVPTC), which included founded two years before New York State Printing Telegraph Company. The first offices of company were located in the Reynolds Arcade building in Rochester, New York. The sign above the main entrance to the building - «Western Union Telegraph and Cable Office» (1932). In the early forties of the 20th century, Western Union has used the first time a commercial intercity microwave transmission system. The Western Union Company - the American company, specialising on granting of services of monetary intermediary. Western Union was founded in 1851. The company is one of leaders in the market of the international remittances. In the 80's of Nineteenth century, Western Union was repeatedly tried capture by the railroad tycoon Jay Gould. He worked with Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the first phone. Separation of the companies had two objectives: first, to give Western Union the opportunity to develop more intensively, and secondly, to help First Data to return to its original activity (in 1992 the company separated from the payment system of American Express as an independent financial services company).

List of Places in United States, Johnson Co.

Name Address Phone
DOLLAR GENERAL #12924 in Goreville 835 S Broadway Goreville, IL 62939 618-995-1236
REGIONS #5559 in Goreville 100 South Broadway Goreville, IL 62939 618-995-2321
LA BANQUE POSTALE in New Burnside 4 Avenue Arthur Rimbaud Longuenesse Cedex, 62967 +33-3-21125030
DOLLAR GENERAL #1129 in Vienna 402 N 1st St Po Box 1371 Vienna, IL 62995-1623 618-658-8866
FAMILY DOLLAR #1199 in Vienna Southern Gardens Hwy 45 N Vienna, IL 62995 618-658-9723