Western Union F.A.Q.

The project of congressmen involved the construction of lines with the length of two thousand miles in 10 years. Western Union handled the government task within 112 days. The secret of Sibley was simple: he used the tactics of the "Western Union". Founder of Western Union Hiram Sibley was born in 1807 in Massachusetts (USA). At age of 14 has mastered the profession of shoemaker, at age 16 he left his native cityand moved to New York, where he went into wool carder. The first offices of company were located in the Reynolds Arcade building in Rochester, New York. The sign above the main entrance to the building - «Western Union Telegraph and Cable Office» (1932). In April 1851 companions registered in Albany New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company (NYMVPTC), which included founded two years before New York State Printing Telegraph Company. In 1860 the U.S. Congress arranged among the telegraph companies a competition to create a national line. The winner was Western Union.

List of Places in United States, Henry Co.

Name Address Phone
DOLLAR GENERAL #2010 in Mount Pleasant 710 N Grand Ave Mount Pleasant, IA 52641-3115 319-385-1637
US BANK #1346 in Mount Pleasant 301 E Washington St Mount Pleasant, IA 52641 319-385-3134
HY-VEE DRUG STORE #7057 in Mount Pleasant 129 S Jefferson St Mount Pleasant, IA 52641-2135 319-385-8781
HY-VEE FOOD STORE #1433 in Mount Pleasant 1700 E Washington St Mount Pleasant, IA 52641-3210 319-385-2266
HEIDELBURG MOTEL in Mount Pleasant 2005 E Washington St Mount Pleasant, IA 52641-3202 319-385-8968