Western Union F.A.Q.

Payment systems are one of basic elements of infrastructure of e-commerce. Another invention of Western Union - time synchronization. In the 1910-1920 years. Western Union is actively engaged in researching, innovating in the field of data transmission. In October 1871 the company has implemented the world's first telegraph money order. After a century money transfers have become a major source of income for Western Union. In 1849, Selden and Sibley, the founders of the future Western Union, created the New York State Printing Telegraph Company. To obtain the Golden card can any client of Western Union, committing money transfers on this system more than 1 time per year. Getting the card is issued at the time of making of the next transfer.

List of Places in United States, Floyd Co.

Name Address Phone
KMART #7767 in Charles City 1405 S Grand Charles City, IA 50616 641-228-7935
HY-VEE GAS CHARLES CITY in Charles City 1003 Kelly St Charles City, IA 50616 641-228-4735
HY-VEE FOOD STORE #1074 in Charles City 901 Kelly St Charles City, IA 50616-2204 641-228-1726
DOLLAR GENERAL #2414 in Charles City 700 Hulin St Charles City, IA 50616-2111 641-228-1399