Western Union F.A.Q.

In 1877, starting from September, New York City residents began to have the opportunity to check the time on clock with the "time ball", located on the roof of constructed in the same year a new corporate headquarters - Western Union Building. Separation of the companies had two objectives: first, to give Western Union the opportunity to develop more intensively, and secondly, to help First Data to return to its original activity (in 1992 the company separated from the payment system of American Express as an independent financial services company). The presence of Western Union Gold Card at the client greatly simplifies the process of further processing of money transfers of and reduces the operation time for the sending of money, as the "Gold Card" is a carrier of the personal information about the client.

List of Places in United States, Clive

Name Address Phone
KUM & GO #156 in Clive 15600 Hickman Clive, IA 50325 515-987-1403
DAHL'S FOODS in Clive 15500 Hickman Rd Clive, IA 50325-7983 515-987-0366