Western Union F.A.Q.

Transaction with Fexco has allowed Western Union to control directly more than 10 thousand points of service, which belonged to Fexco in 7 European countries (Spain, UK, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Finland). In 1920, Western Union has implemented the world's first transmission of images over the ocean. Western Union offers one of the easiest ways for families and friends to send money and stay connected almost anywhere in the world. In 1914 Western Union engineers invented the first payment card - a prototype of the modern credit card. The Western Union Company - the American company, specialising on granting of services of monetary intermediary. Western Union was founded in 1851. The company is one of leaders in the market of the international remittances. In 1988, the company undertook a massive reorganization in response to rapidly changing business conditions. In particular, this need has arisen due to many technological changes that have taken place at that time. Company name was changed from Western Union Telegraph Co. to Western Union Corp. In the 80's of Nineteenth century, Western Union was repeatedly tried capture by the railroad tycoon Jay Gould. He worked with Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the first phone.

List of Places in United States, Clayton Co.

Name Address Phone
DOLLAR GENERAL #8341 in Elkader 713 High St Ne Po Box 945 Elkader, IA 52043-0945 563-245-3503
DOLLAR GENERAL #9693 in Guttenberg 523 S 4th St Po Box 343 Guttenberg, IA 52052-0343 563-252-1212
DOLLAR GENERAL #12789 in Postville 12340 Highway 18 Postville, IA 52162 563-864-3295