Western Union F.A.Q.

In 1856, in 7 years after the foundation of New York State Printing Telegraph Company, the company changed its name to Western Union Telegraph Company. Western Union made so that the time in all of American civil services was the same. Another invention of Western Union - time synchronization. In the 1910-1920 years. Western Union is actively engaged in researching, innovating in the field of data transmission. Payment systems are one of basic elements of infrastructure of e-commerce.

List of Places in United States, Chickasaw Co.

Name Address Phone
DOLLAR GENERAL #13633 in Nashua 40 Amherst Boulevard Nashua, IA 50658 641-435-1059
DOLLAR GENERAL #2397 in New Hampton 112 E Main St New Hampton, IA 50659-1452 641-394-3558