Western Union F.A.Q.

July 3, 1884 the company's shares were included in the calculation base for the newly created stock index Dow Jones Transportation Average. In 1879 Western Union left the telephone business after losing a lawsuit against Alexander Graham Bell - the patent holder on the phone. One of the common kinds of money transfer is a transfer via the international system of Western Union. In the 1910-1920 years. Western Union is actively engaged in researching, innovating in the field of data transmission. In the early 60s Western Union has put into operation transcontinental microwave system of data transmission via radio waves, completely replacing the web of telegraph poles and wires. As a result of 2011, net income of Western Union has increased by 28% to $ 1.165 billion, the company reported.

List of Places in United States, Audubon Co.

Name Address Phone
DOLLAR GENERAL #6075 in Audubon 112 N Market St Audubon, IA 50025-7602 712-563-2472