Western Union F.A.Q.

In 1864, fearing the laying of long underwater lines, Western Union offered to carry out laying of telegraph lines to Europe through the Russian Alaska under the narrow Bering Strait and then to Siberia with branching in the major cities of Europe. Western Union has taken of 451st position in the rating Fortune 500 in 2009, having moved from 473rd line in 2008. In 1995, First Financial Management was acquired by First Data Corp. (the deal amounted to $ 7 billion), and Western Union Financial Services became a subsidiary of First Data. One of the common kinds of money transfer is a transfer via the international system of Western Union. Western Union offers one of the easiest ways for families and friends to send money and stay connected almost anywhere in the world. Thanks to cooperation with Western Union the Associated Press at the end of the XIX century took almost monopolistic position in the U.S. market news.

List of Places in United States, Allegany Co.

Name Address Phone
DOLLAR GENERAL #8319 in Alfred 820 Ny State Rte 244 Alfred Station, NY 14803-9783 607-281-6213
ACORN MARKETS #40 in Andover 2 Chestnut Andover, NY 14806 607-478-8600
DOLLAR GENERAL #11056 in Belfast 7981 Route 19 Belfast, NY 14711-8702 585-365-2178
DOLLAR GENERAL #6067 in Belmont 4836 State Route 19 S Belmont, NY 14813-9506 585-268-7194
DOLLAR GENERAL #10600 in Bolivar 303 Main St Bolivar, NY 14715-1008 585-928-2415
RITE AID #10872 in Cuba 10 W Main St Cuba, NY 14727 585-968-1410
DOLLAR GENERAL #11284 in Cuba 5240 Route 305 Cuba, NY 14727-9208 585-968-2743
FAMILY DOLLAR #4203 in Cuba 29 W Main St Cuba, NY 14727 585-968-3692
DOLLAR GENERAL #9592 in Fillmore 46 S Genesee St Fillmore, NY 14735-8700 585-567-8197
BALKAN INVESTMENT BANK AD BANJ in Petrolia Bosanska Bb Bosanski Petrovac, 77250 +387-33-268000
SUNOCO #7191 in Wellsville 1 S Main St Wellsville, NY 14895-1520 585-593-6958
DOLLAR GENERAL #8875 in Wellsville 25 W Dyke St Wellsville, NY 14895-1518 585-593-5674
DOLLAR GENERAL #9839 in Wellsville 98 Bolivar Rd Wellsville, NY 14895-9303 585-593-7985
KMART #7677 in Wellsville 121 Bolivar Rd Wellsville, NY 14895-1200 585-593-0030
TOPS MARKETS #249 in Wellsville 111 Bolivar Road Wellsville, NY 14895 585-593-0166
RITE AID #10885 in Wellsville 110 Bolivar Road Wellsville, NY 14895 585-593-1232