Western Union F.A.Q.

In the 80's of Nineteenth century, Western Union was repeatedly tried capture by the railroad tycoon Jay Gould. He worked with Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the first phone. In February 2009 the company entered into an agreement with Fexco to acquire 100% of its shares for $ 159.9 million. In April 1851 companions registered in Albany New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company (NYMVPTC), which included founded two years before New York State Printing Telegraph Company. The project of congressmen involved the construction of lines with the length of two thousand miles in 10 years. Western Union handled the government task within 112 days. The secret of Sibley was simple: he used the tactics of the "Western Union". In the summer of 1990 top managers of the Western Union Company spent day and night in the main office in Englewood (Colorado, USA). They needed to meet the challenge: to save the Western Union from bankruptcy, paying off the debts of the company millions of dollars. Western Union incomes for 2007 have made $4,9 billion US dollars, and the quantity of transactions has made 572 million.

List of Places in United States, Adams Co.

Name Address Phone
T.C. ZIRAAT BANKASI in Koren Yarimca Subesi Yarimca Branch Kocaeli, Korfez 41740 +90-262-5282310
T.C. ZIRAAT BANKASI in Koren Korfez Subesi Korfez Branch Kocaeli, Korfez 41780 +90-262-5274690
LEP-RE-KON MART #2 in Othello 1115 E Main St Othello, WA 99344-1555 509-488-9992
EL JAZMIN in Othello 531 Main St Othello, WA 99344 509-488-5275
US BANK #3331 in Othello 401 E Main Othello, WA 99344 509-488-3353
US BANK #3373 in Ritzville 101 E Main Ritzville, WA 99169 509-659-0120