Western Union F.A.Q.

The presence of Western Union Gold Card at the client greatly simplifies the process of further processing of money transfers of and reduces the operation time for the sending of money, as the "Gold Card" is a carrier of the personal information about the client. Western Union has taken of 451st position in the rating Fortune 500 in 2009, having moved from 473rd line in 2008. In the Western Union in the 30s of the 20th century worked 14 thousand couriers delivering telegrams. Thanks to cooperation with Western Union the Associated Press at the end of the XIX century took almost monopolistic position in the U.S. market news. In 1860 the U.S. Congress arranged among the telegraph companies a competition to create a national line. The winner was Western Union.

List of Places in Ukraine, Kiev

Name Address Phone
BROKBIZNESBANK in Belotserkovskiy Rayon Yaroslava Mudrogo 18 1 Bila Tserkva, Kyivska 09100 +380-800-502100
JSCB PRAVEX BANK in Belotserkovskiy Rayon Mitrofanova Str., 8 Bila Tserkva, Kyivska 09100 +380-044-73972
PRIVATBANK in Belotserkovskiy Rayon Gogolya St.23a Bila Tserkva, Kyivska 09100 +380-446-391636
PRIVATBANK in Belotserkovskiy Rayon 50-let Pobedy Blv. 137 Bila Tserkva, Kyivska 09100 +380-922-300411
PRIVATBANK in Belotserkovskiy Rayon Levanevskogo St 52 4 Bila Tserkva, Kyivska 09100 +380-446-379200
UKRSIBBANK in Belotserkovskiy Rayon Yaroslava Mudrogo, 16 2 Bila Tserkva, Kyivska 09100 +380-45-6390767
PROCREDIT BANK in Belotserkovskiy Rayon Levanevskogo St 46 Bila Tserkva, Kyivska 09108 +380-4463-44384
VABANK in Belotserkovskiy Rayon Gogolya St 16 Bila Tserkva, Kyivska 09112 +380-263-51180
RAIFFEISEN BANK AVAL in Belotserkovskiy Rayon Loginova St., 39/2 Bila Tserkva, Kyivska 65107 +380-44-6358527
PIVDENNIY BANK in Belotserkovskiy Rayon Torgovaya, 2/1 Bila Tserkva, 09117 +380-456-336633
UKREXIMBANK in Bilotserkivskyi Raion Turchaninova St 4 Bila Tserkva, Kyivska 09113 +380-4563-40636
BROKBIZNESBANK in Bilotserkivskyi Raion 50 Rokiv Peremogy Bulvar 169 Bila Tserkva, Kyivska 09100 +380-800-502100
KHRESCHATYK in Bilotserkivskyi Raion 50 Richchya Peremogy St 99 Bila Tserkva, Kyivska 09100 +380-639-2273
BROKBIZNESBANK in Bilotserkivskyi Raion Fastivska Str 23 Bila Tserkva, Kyivska 09100 +380-800-502100
FUIB in Bilotserkivskyi Raion 50-rokiv Peremogy Str., 8-a Bila Tserkva, Kyivska +380-800-500490
VTB BANK (UKRAINE) in Bilotserkivskyi Raion Yaroslava Mudrogo, 4 Bila Tserkva, 09100 +380-4563-91356
PRIVATBANK in Borispol'skiy Rayon Kievskiy Shlyah St.39 Boryspil, Kyivska 08300 +380-449-564969
PRIVATBANK in Borispol'skiy Rayon Dzerzhinskogo St 10 Boryspil, Kyivska 08300 +380-449-555478
PRIVATBANK in Boryspilskyi Raion Kyivskyy Shlyakh St.73 Boryspil, Kyivska 08300 +380-444-616748
UKRSOTSBANK in Boryspilskyi Raion Kyivskyj Shlyakh St. 2-a Boryspil, Kyivska 08300 +380-449-564301
FINANCE AND CREDIT BANK CORP in Boryspilskyi Raion Kyivskiy Shlyah St. 84 Boryspil, Kyivska 08300 +38-044-2793183
PRAVEX BANK in Boryspilskyi Raion Kyivsky Shlyakh St. 41 Boryspil, Kyivska 08300 +380-449-53466
PRAVEX BANK in Brovarskiy Rayon Gagarina St. 9 Brovary, Kyivska 07400 +380-449-69000
DEMARK BANK in Brovarskiy Rayon Korolenko, 72 Brovary, 07400 +380-56-7609336
VTB BANK (UKRAINE) in Brovarskiy Rayon Nezavisimosti, 13 Brovary, 07400 +380-45-9460048
UKRSIBBANK in Brovarskiy Rayon Kievskaya 168 Brovary, 07400 +38-45-9469492
PRIVATBANK in Brovarskiy Rayon Vossoedineniya Str.1 Brovary, Kyivska 07400 +380-449-453094
UKRPOSHTA in Brovarskiy Rayon Gagarina St., 20 Brovary, Kyivska 07400 +380-2945-40780
UKRSOTSBANK in Brovarskiy Rayon Nezavisimosti St. 6-b Brovary, Kyivska 07400 +380-449-456499
VABANK in Brovarskyi Raion Nezalezhnosti St 3b Brovary, Kyivska 07400 +380-4494-46225
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