Western Union F.A.Q.

In 1856, in 7 years after the foundation of New York State Printing Telegraph Company, the company changed its name to Western Union Telegraph Company. In February 2009 the company entered into an agreement with Fexco to acquire 100% of its shares for $ 159.9 million. To obtain the Golden card can any client of Western Union, committing money transfers on this system more than 1 time per year. Getting the card is issued at the time of making of the next transfer. In the 1910-1920 years. Western Union is actively engaged in researching, innovating in the field of data transmission. Western Union for more than 130 years provides money transfer services to its customers. In 1933, by the Western Union Company were invented "singing telegrams". The Western Union Company - the American company, specialising on granting of services of monetary intermediary. Western Union was founded in 1851. The company is one of leaders in the market of the international remittances.

List of Places in Turkey

Name Address Phone
T.C. ZIRAAT BANKASI in Ceyhan Kizilay Cad. No 15 Ceyhan Branch Adana, Ceyhan 01260 +90-322-6131011
YAPI VE KREDI BANKASI CEYHAN SUBESI in Ceyhan Turlubas Mah Adana Cad No 90 01960 Ceyhan Adana Adana, Turkey +90-2123397000
FINANSBANK A.S. KENAN EVREN BRANCH in Çukurova Kenan Evren Bulvari Kahyalar Apt No:34 Adana, 01170 +90-322-2310083
FINANSBANK YENI ADANA in Çukurova Guzel Yali Mah Turgut Ozal Bulvari No 88 Riza Bey Plaza Adana, 01170 +90-322-2338933
T.C. ZIRAAT BANKASI in Çukurova Toros Mah. Kenan Evren Bulvari 109 Sokak Toros Branch Adana, 01170 +90-322-2346130
T C ZIRAAT BANKASI A S in Çukurova Kenan Evren Bulvari Adana Br Toros Mah Kenan Evren Blv No 67 Adana, Tr +90-322-2344301
YAPI VE KREDI BANKASI MAHFESIGMAZ SUBESI in Çukurova Mahfesigmaz Mah Kenan Evren Bulvari No 32 C Seyhan Adana Adana, Turkey +90-2123397000
YAPI VE KREDI BANKASI KURTTEPE SUBESI in Çukurova Guzelyali Mah T Ozal Bulv No 154 B Cukurova Adana Adana, Turkey +90-2123397000
FINANSBANK A.S. KOZAN BRANCH in Kozan Tufanpasa Mah.ustun Sok.no.11 Kozan Adana, 01500 +90-322-5154505
YAPI VE KREDI BANKASI BARKAL SUBESI in Sariçam Yesiloba Mah Adana, Turkey +90-2123397000
YAPI KREDI ADANACUKUROVA in Sariçam 21 B Adana Adana, Turkey +90-2123397000
FINANSBANK A S GAZIPASA ADANA BRANCH in Seyhan Gazipasa Adana Adana, 01120 +90-322-4594226
T.C. ZIRAAT BANKASI in Seyhan Abidinpasa Cad. No 19 Adana Branch Adana, 01010 +90-322-3591993
T.C. ZIRAAT BANKASI in Seyhan Karasoku Mah. Alimunif Cad. No 85 Yagcami Branch Adana, 01010 +90-322-3512712
TURKISH POST in Seyhan Carsi Office Kizilay Cad 1 Adana, 01320 +90-322-3513415
T.C. ZIRAAT BANKASI in Seyhan Resatbey Mah. Ataturk Cad. No 56/a Ataturk Caddesi/adana Branch Adana, 01060 +90-322-4537233
FINANSBANK BARKAL in Seyhan Yesiloba Mah Atikop Is Mer. 5 Blok No 1 , Seyhan Adana, 01100 +90-322-4297199
T.C. ZIRAAT BANKASI in Seyhan Burmali Mah. Kurtulus Cad. No: 119 Eski Istasyon Branch Adana, 01060 +90-322-4355150
TEB ADANA in Seyhan Turan Cemal Beriker Bulvari Gulec Ishani 23 Adana, Seyhan 01120 +90-322-3631774
TEB SAYDAM CADDESI in Seyhan Sucuzade Mah Saydam Cad No 42 Adana, Seyhan 01030 +90-322-3597207
YAPI VE KREDI BANKASI BARAJYOLU SUBESI in Seyhan Yenibaraj Mahallesi 68053 Sokak No 4 Yuksel Fidanci Apt Seyhan Adana Adana, Turkey +90-2123397000
YAPI VE KREDI BANKASI ADANASULAR SUBESI in Seyhan 42 Seyhan Adana Adana, Turkey +90-2123397000
YAPI VE KREDI BANKASI YAGCAMII SUBESI in Seyhan Kizilay Cad No 34 A 01010 Adana Adana, Turkey +90-2123397000
YAPI KREDI ATATURKBULVARI in Seyhan Ataturk Cad Gulbahce Sit B Blok No 41 A 01120 Seyhan Adana Adana, Turkey +90-2123397000
ALBARAKA TURK ADANA BARKAL SUBESI in Seyhan Turhan Cemal Beriker Bulvari Adana Is Mer A Blok No 25 Adana, Turkey +90-322-4297878
YAPI VE KREDI BANKASIADANA SUBESI in Seyhan Ozler Ve Cakmak Cad Kavsagi 01060 Adana Adana, Turkey +90-2123397000
YAPI KREDI BURSAYENISEHIR in Seyhan Kurtulus Mahallesi Ataturk Caddesi No 2 3 B Yenisehir Bursa Bursa, Turkey +90-2123397000
T.C. ZIRAAT BANKASI in Yüregir Sinanpasa Mah. Kisla Cad. No 95/a Yavuzlar Branch Adana, 01120 +90-322-3235228
YAPI KREDI MOBILYACILARSITESI in Yüregir Guzelevler Mahallesi Mese Caddesi No 14 A Yuregir Adana Adana, Turkey +90-2123397000
YAPI VE KREDI BANKASI SARICAM SUBESI in Yüregir Dadaloglu Mahallesi Kozan Caddesi No 376 Yuregir Adana Adana, Turkey +90-2123397000
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