Western Union F.A.Q.

Payment systems are one of basic elements of infrastructure of e-commerce. July 3, 1884 the company's shares were included in the calculation base for the newly created stock index Dow Jones Transportation Average. On the market was placed about 765 million of ordinary shares of the company. On the first day trading on the exchange the company's shares rose by 3.3% and the cost was $ 19.96. 1998 - the number of points of money transfers worldwide reached 50,000. The network of money transfers of Western Union is the world's largest. Number of active holders of "Golden Card" of Western Union amounted to 9.5 million people worldwide. You do not need to open a bank account, so you can send or receive money in any of the 170 000 service points of Western Union around the world. In 1866, Sibley ordered the engineers to develop a Western Union telegraph system of stock quotes in real time.

List of Places in Spain

Name Address Phone
OROCASH CORDOBA in Córdoba Avenida Almogavares 48 Cordoba, Cordoba 14006 +34-900633633
LOCUTORIO SORAYA in Córdoba Calle Huelva 7 Bajo Cordoba, Cordoba 14013 +34-900633633
VIAJES FAHTIMA in Córdoba Calle Historiador Jaen Morente 11 Cordoba, Cordoba 14014 +34-900633633
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Córdoba C/ Miras Navda.arro 18-20 Fuente Obejuta, Cordoba 14290 +34-902197197
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Doña Mencía C/ Hospital 4 Dona Mencia, Cordoba 14860 +34-902197197
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Dos Torres C/ Barroso 2 Dos Torres, Cordoba 14460 +34-902197197
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in El Carpio C/ Concepcion 14 El Carpio, Cordoba 14620 +34-902197197
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Espejo C/ Piqueras 42 Espejo, Cordoba 14830 +34-902197197
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Fernán-Núñez C/ Miguel Servet 13 Fernan Nunez, Cordoba 14520 +34-902197197
LOCUTORIO OLGA in Fuente Palmera St Portales 92 Fuente Palmera, Cordoba 14120 +34-900633633
TELECOR in Fuente Palmera Sq Miguel Ce Cervantes 47 A Ecija, Sevilla 41400 +34-900633633
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Hinojosa del Duque Pza. Anton Garrido 2 Hinojosa Del Duque, Cordoba 14270 +34-902197197
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Hornachuelos Antonio Machado, 8 Hornachuelos, Cordoba 14740 +34-902-197197
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Iznájar C/ Obispo Rosales 2 Iznajar, Cordoba 14970 +34-902197197
VIAJES LA CARLOTA in La Carlota Av Carlos Iii 85 La Carlota, Cordoba 14100 +34-900633633
LOCUTORIO EL MUNDO in La Carlota Avenida De La Paz 12 La Carlota, Cordoba 14100 +34-902010701
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in La Carlota C/garcilaso De La Vega 4 La Carlota, Cordoba 14100 +0034-902197197
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in La Carlota C/ja Del Campo 5 La Rambla, Cordoba 14540 +34-902197197
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in La Herrería C/ Carlos Iii S/n Fuente Palmera, Cordoba 14120 +34-902197197
MARYGU VIAJES in La Rambla St Jesus 3 La Rambla, Cordoba 14540 +34-900633633
GLOBAL FESTIVAL in Lucena C Las Torres 18 Lucena, Cordoba 14900 +34-900633633
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Lucena Pza San Miguel 3 Lucena, Cordoba 14900 +0034-902197197
OROCASH CORDOBA in Lucena Avenida Del Parque 54 Lucena, Cordoba 14900 +34-900633633
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Luque Pza De Espana 1 Luque, Cordoba 14880 +34-902197197
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Montalbán de Córdoba Ancha 59 Montalban De Cordoba, Cordoba 14548 +34-902-197197
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Montemayor Calle Juan Pedro Carmona 6 Montemayor, Cordoba 14530 +0034-902197197
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Montilla Pza. De Aguilar 13 Montilla, Cordoba 14550 +34-902197197
FORMATUR CB VIAJES in Montoro Calle Cervantes 54 Montoro, Cordoba 14600 +34-900633633
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Montoro C Santo 24 Montoro, Cordoba 14600 +34-902197197
CORREOS Y TELEGRAFOS in Nueva-Carteya C/ Diego Carro 12 Nueva Carteya, Cordoba 14857 +34-902197197
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