Western Union F.A.Q.

In 2000 was launched the Web site westernunion.com, with which users from certain countries can independently transfer funds online. In the summer of 1990 top managers of the Western Union Company spent day and night in the main office in Englewood (Colorado, USA). They needed to meet the challenge: to save the Western Union from bankruptcy, paying off the debts of the company millions of dollars. Western Union for more than 130 years provides money transfer services to its customers. In the early 60s Western Union has put into operation transcontinental microwave system of data transmission via radio waves, completely replacing the web of telegraph poles and wires. In 1856, in 7 years after the foundation of New York State Printing Telegraph Company, the company changed its name to Western Union Telegraph Company. 1998 - the number of points of money transfers worldwide reached 50,000. The network of money transfers of Western Union is the world's largest.

List of Places in Serbia, Pirot District

Name Address Phone
OTP BANKA SRBIJA AD NOVI SAD in Bela Palanka Srpskih Vladara 60 Bela Palanka, 18310 +381-11-3341190
KBM BANKA AD KRAGUJEVAC in Dimitrovgrad Balkanska 11 Ulica Balkanska Bb Dimitrovgrad, 18320 +381-11-3300300
CREDIT AGRICOLE BANKA SRBIJA AD NOVI SAD in Pirot Branka Radicevica 2 Pirot, 18300 +381-11-3300300
KBM BANKA AD KRAGUJEVAC in Pirot Branka Radicevica 8 Pirot, 18300 +381-11-3300300