Western Union F.A.Q.

One of the common kinds of money transfer is a transfer via the international system of Western Union. In the 1910-1920 years. Western Union is actively engaged in researching, innovating in the field of data transmission. By 1861 Western Union telegraph lines entangled the whole America. It's time to explore Europe. In 1864, fearing the laying of long underwater lines, Western Union offered to carry out laying of telegraph lines to Europe through the Russian Alaska under the narrow Bering Strait and then to Siberia with branching in the major cities of Europe. In April 1851 companions registered in Albany New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company (NYMVPTC), which included founded two years before New York State Printing Telegraph Company. Western Union has taken of 451st position in the rating Fortune 500 in 2009, having moved from 473rd line in 2008. 1980 - for the first time in the history of Western Union revenues from money transfers exceeded the income from the telegraph service.

List of Places in Serbia, Grad Beograd

Name Address Phone
AIK BANKA AD NIS in Belgrade Otona Zupancica 1 Beograd, 11070 +381-11-3300300
AIK BANKA AD NIS in Belgrade Balkanska 20 Beograd, 11000 +381-11-3300300
AIK BANKA AD NIS in Belgrade Pozeska 93 Beograd, 11000 +381-11-3300300