Western Union F.A.Q.

To obtain the Golden card can any client of Western Union, committing money transfers on this system more than 1 time per year. Getting the card is issued at the time of making of the next transfer. The presence of Western Union Gold Card at the client greatly simplifies the process of further processing of money transfers of and reduces the operation time for the sending of money, as the "Gold Card" is a carrier of the personal information about the client. In 1933, by the Western Union Company were invented "singing telegrams". In the Western Union in the 30s of the 20th century worked 14 thousand couriers delivering telegrams. 1998 - the number of points of money transfers worldwide reached 50,000. The network of money transfers of Western Union is the world's largest. In 1991, Western Union has sold some low-profit division of the company AT & T, GM Hughes Electronics, and to some others. In the same year the company changed its name to New Valley Corp. On the market was placed about 765 million of ordinary shares of the company. On the first day trading on the exchange the company's shares rose by 3.3% and the cost was $ 19.96.

List of Places in Germany, Segeberg

Name Address Phone
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Bad Segeberg Bahnhofstr 12 Bad Segeberg, Schleswigholstein 23795 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Boostedt Dorfring 53 Boostedt, Schleswig Holstein 24598 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Bornhöved Kieler Tor 7 Bornhoeved, Schleswig Holstein 24619 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Ellerau Skandinavienallee 5 Ellerau, Schleswig Holstein 25479 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Garstedt Ohechaussee 5 Norderstedt, Schleswigholstein 22848 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Kaltenkirchen Schulstr 15 Stresemannstr 9 Kaltenkirchen, Schleswigholstein 24568 +49-228-55003737
KAMI SHOP in Kaltenkirchen Holstenstrasse 31 Kaltenkirchen, Schleswigholstein 24568 +49-4191-8608748
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Nahe Kronskamp 17 Nahe, Schleswig Holstein 23866 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Norderstedt Rathausallee 33 Norderstedt, Schleswigholstein 22846 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Stuvenborn Hauptstr 12 Stuvenborn, Schleswig Holstein 24641 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Sülfeld Bahnhofstr 6 Suelfeld, Schleswig Holstein 23867 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Trappenkamp Gablonzer Str 18 Trappenkamp, Schleswigholstein 24610 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Wahlstedt Waldstr 17 Wahlstedt, Schleswigholstein 23812 +49-228-55003737