Western Union F.A.Q.

One of the common kinds of money transfer is a transfer via the international system of Western Union. In 1988, the company undertook a massive reorganization in response to rapidly changing business conditions. In particular, this need has arisen due to many technological changes that have taken place at that time. Company name was changed from Western Union Telegraph Co. to Western Union Corp. Western Union incomes for 2007 have made $4,9 billion US dollars, and the quantity of transactions has made 572 million. 1970 - a new service called «Western Union Mailgram» was introduced - delivery of messages by mail on the next day. Each money transfer is protected with control number, that allows you to track and to ensure prompt payment of money specified by you person.

List of Places in Germany, Schleswig-Holstein

Name Address Phone
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Ahrensburg Kornkamp 48 Ahrensburg, Schleswigholstein 22926 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Bad Oldesloe Luebecker Str 23 25 Bad Oldesloe, Schleswigholstein 23843 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Bargteheide Bahnhofstr 3 Bargteheide, Schleswigholstein 22941 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Barsbüttel Hauptstr 38h Barsbuettel, Schleswigholstein 22885 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Großhansdorf Sieker Landstr 129 Grosshansdorf, Schleswig Holstein 22927 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Großhansdorf Eilbergweg 5c Grosshansdorf, Schleswig Holstein 22927 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Lütjensee Hamburger Str 40 Luetjensee, Schleswig Holstein 22952 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Oststeinbek Moellner Landstr 28 Oststeinbek, Hamburg 22113 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Reinfeld Bahnhofstr 2 Reinfeld Holstein, Schleswigholstein 23858 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Trittau Poststr 32a Trittau, Schleswigholstein 22946 +49-228-55003737
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