Western Union F.A.Q.

In the 30's of the twentieth century, Western Union has become the world's largest telegraph company. In 1877, starting from September, New York City residents began to have the opportunity to check the time on clock with the "time ball", located on the roof of constructed in the same year a new corporate headquarters - Western Union Building. Thanks to cooperation with Western Union the Associated Press at the end of the XIX century took almost monopolistic position in the U.S. market news. The Western Union Company uses the most up to date technologies and its unique worldwide computer network that allows to carry out quick money transfers payments in more than 190 countries around the world. The first offices of company were located in the Reynolds Arcade building in Rochester, New York. The sign above the main entrance to the building - «Western Union Telegraph and Cable Office» (1932). America was on the verge of civil war and needed a reliable connection between the North and South. On the telegraph market of the USA at this time were operated with six large companies: American Telegraph Company, New York Albany and Buffalo Electro-Magnetic Telegraph Company, Atlantic and Ohio Telegraph, Illinois & Mississippi Telegraph Company, New Orleans & Ohio Telegraph Company, and the brainchild of Sibley & Co. - The Western Union Telegraph.

List of Places in Germany, Berlin

Name Address Phone
PIPE AND CIGAR LOUNGE in Berlin Tempelhofer Damm 152 Berlin, Berlin 12099 +49-30-7513911
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Torstr 105 107 Post Plus Berlin, Berlin 10119 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Kaiser Wilhelm Str 60 62 Berlin, Berlin 12247 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Rinkartstr 5 9 Berlin, Berlin 12437 +49-228-55003737
LOTTO TABAK DHL ETC in Berlin Huttenstr 4 Berlin, Berlin 10553 +49-30-85102424
TABAK ZEITUNGEN U GETRANKE in Berlin Braunschweiger Str 58 Berlin, Berlin 12055 +49-30-68597876
DOENE TURK in Berlin Perleberger Str 38 Berlin, Berlin 10559 +49-30-92272650
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Kissinger Str 1 2 Berlin, Berlin 14199 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Tempelhofer Damm 171 173 Berlin, Berlin 12099 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Schoenblicker Str 2 4 Berlin, Berlin 12589 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Edisonstr 63 Berlin, Berlin 12459 +49-228-55003737
MERY SHOP in Berlin Karl Marx Str 170 Berlin, Berlin 12043 +49-30-31509635
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Hallesches Ufer 60 Berlin, Berlin 10963 +49-228-55003737
TABAK UND ZEITSCHRIFTENLADEN in Berlin Friedrichstr 11 Berlin, Berlin 10969 +49-30-2522439
TECHNIK CENTER in Berlin Zossener Str 49 Berlin, Berlin 10961 +49-30-69815355
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Chausseestr 25 Mcpaper Berlin, Berlin 10115 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Weissenhoeher Str 88 Berlin, Berlin 12683 +49-6985098373
EDELMETALLHANDEL SCHOWTIS GMBH in Berlin Mariendorfer Damm 45 Berlin, Berlin 12109 +49-30-83036057
KOC REISEN GMBH in Berlin Schulstrasse 16 Berlin, Berlin 13347 +49-30-41938372
UZUNER TABAKWAREN PRESSE LOTTOLADEN in Berlin Pannierstr 41 Berlin, Berlin 12047 +49-30-6242729
JUWELIER ELISSA in Berlin Turmstrasse 36 Berlin, Berlin 10551 +49-30-39839917
WAYNAH in Berlin Perleberger Str. 65 Berlin, Berlin 10559 +49-30-61294671
ODA BERLIN GMBH in Berlin Ansbacher Strasse 20 Berlin, Berlin 10787 +49-30-23627486
REISEBUERO CIMILLI in Berlin Erkstr 19 Berlin, Berlin 12043 +49-30-68974781
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Bartningallee 5 Berlin, Berlin 10557 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Steglitzer Damm 22 Sis/p Berlin, Berlin 12169 +49-228-55003737
FOTO KALK in Berlin Berliner Str 132 Berlin, Berlin 10715 +49-30-8617021
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Kleiststr 23 26 Berlin, Berlin 10787 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Prenzlauer Allee 39 Open Service Berlin, Berlin 10405 +49-228-55003737
TONER UND TINTE WORLD in Berlin Silbersteinstrasse 69 Berlin, Berlin 12051 +49-30-51056600
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