Western Union F.A.Q.

In the 30's of the twentieth century, Western Union has become the world's largest telegraph company. Sibley, the founder of Western Union, did not build a new telegraph lines, and persuaded the other players to join. American Telegraph Company, however, still had to buy it. In 1877, starting from September, New York City residents began to have the opportunity to check the time on clock with the "time ball", located on the roof of constructed in the same year a new corporate headquarters - Western Union Building. In 1856, in 7 years after the foundation of New York State Printing Telegraph Company, the company changed its name to Western Union Telegraph Company. By 1861 Western Union telegraph lines entangled the whole America. It's time to explore Europe. In 1879 Western Union left the telephone business after losing a lawsuit against Alexander Graham Bell - the patent holder on the phone. Transaction with Fexco has allowed Western Union to control directly more than 10 thousand points of service, which belonged to Fexco in 7 European countries (Spain, UK, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Finland).

List of Places in Germany, Berlin

Name Address Phone
FRUKO PRESSE U TABAKVERTRIEB G in Berlin Georgenstrasse 191 Berlin, Berlin 10117 +49-30-20917413
TRAVEL COMPANY ROSSIYA GMBH in Berlin Kleiststrasse 21 Berlin, Berlin 10787 +49-309-3554595
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Am Vierrutenberg 54 Berlin, Berlin 13469 +49-228-55003737
INTERNETCAFE COLE in Berlin Kopenhagener Str 68 Berlin, Berlin 10437 +49-30-44043293
KIEZSHOP 65 in Berlin Reinickendorfer Str 116 Berlin, Berlin 13347 +49-30-33982814
USTORE in Berlin Osloer Strasse Im U Bhf Berlin, Berlin 13359 +49-30-48096939
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Oranienburger Str 80 Berlin, Berlin 13437 +49-228-55003737
SURF ISLAND in Berlin Beusselstrasse 72 Berlin, Berlin 10553 +49-176-63756180
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Wilhelmsruher Damm 150 Berlin, Berlin 13439 +49-228-55003737
BAECKEREI NACHTIGAL in Berlin Nachtigalplatz 23 Berlin, Berlin 13351 +49-30-39205435
INTERMARKT in Berlin Kienhorststrasse 156 Berlin, Berlin 13403 +49-30-36463390
KIOSK EICHBORN in Berlin Eichborndamm 32 Berlin Reinickendorf, Berlin 13403 +49-306-5218906
LOTTO ZEITSCHRIFTEN TABAK DRESSLER in Berlin Berliner Str 47 Berlin, Berlin 13189 +49-30-47370735
EXPRESS TONER 24 in Berlin Kantstr 52 Berlin, 10627 +49-30-31800370
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Kantstr 46 Berlin, Berlin 10625 +49-228-55003737
REISEBUERO EUROPA REISEN VON GRUNER GMBH in Berlin Suarezstrasse 1 Berlin, Berlin 14057 +49-30-3225044
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Zeltinger Platz 10 14 Postplus Berlin, Berlin 13465 +49-228-55003737
SPAETKAUF ZAZA in Berlin Neumannstrasse 3a Berlin, Berlin 13189 +49-30-91745318
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Hauptstr 32 Berlin, Berlin 13158 +49-228-55003737
REISEBUERO PILROTO in Berlin Neumannstr 135 Berlin, Berlin 13189 +49-30-78006626
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Heinsestr 36 Post Plus Berlin, Berlin 13467 +49-228-55003737
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG in Berlin Cautiusstr 42 Berlin, Berlin 13587 +49-228-55003737
ZEITUNGS TABAKLADEN FRASS in Berlin Schoenwalder Str 81 Berlin, Berlin 13585 +49-303-756685
KIOSK KUSCU in Berlin Ollenhauerstr 44 Berlin, Reinickendorf 13403 +49-176-62846507
TABAK AND ZEITUNG in Berlin Provinzstrasse 93 Berlin, Berlin 13409 +49-30-53162574
SCHREIBER HANDELS GMBH in Berlin Wilmersdorferstr. 154 Berlin, Berlin 10585 +49-30-37301821
KIOSK NIGHTSHOP RICHI in Berlin Otto Suhr Allee 108 Berlin, 10585 +49-30-61745954
LOTTO TABAK PRESSE in Berlin Kaiser Friedrich Str 50 Berlin, Berlin 10627 +49-30-32706222
BERLIN MOBILE CENTER in Berlin Hermannstr 62 Berlin, Berlin 12049 +49-30-62983155
ONLINE TELECAFE in Berlin Soldiner Strasse 84 Berlin, Berlin 13359 +0049-30-49760107
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