Western Union F.A.Q.

Western Union offers one of the easiest ways for families and friends to send money and stay connected almost anywhere in the world. Western Union made so that the time in all of American civil services was the same. In April 1851 companions registered in Albany New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company (NYMVPTC), which included founded two years before New York State Printing Telegraph Company. By 1861 Western Union telegraph lines entangled the whole America. It's time to explore Europe. Most service points of Western Union work in the time convenient for customers throughout the week and throughout the year. In 1933, by the Western Union Company were invented "singing telegrams".

List of Places in French-Guadeloupe

Name Address Phone
LA BANQUE POSTALE in Les Abymes Centre Commercial Les Abymes, 97139 +33-5-90222431