Western Union F.A.Q.

In 1991, Western Union has sold some low-profit division of the company AT & T, GM Hughes Electronics, and to some others. In the same year the company changed its name to New Valley Corp. 1970 - a new service called «Western Union Mailgram» was introduced - delivery of messages by mail on the next day. In the early forties of the 20th century, Western Union has used the first time a commercial intercity microwave transmission system. In 1988, the company undertook a massive reorganization in response to rapidly changing business conditions. In particular, this need has arisen due to many technological changes that have taken place at that time. Company name was changed from Western Union Telegraph Co. to Western Union Corp. In 1920, Western Union has implemented the world's first transmission of images over the ocean. In the early 60s Western Union has put into operation transcontinental microwave system of data transmission via radio waves, completely replacing the web of telegraph poles and wires. Each money transfer is protected with control number, that allows you to track and to ensure prompt payment of money specified by you person.

List of Places in Czech Republic

Name Address Phone
CESKA POSTA S P in Cernilov C P 310 Cernilov, 50343 +420-495431107
ING LUAN NGUYEN in Hradec Kralove Jecna 864 28 Hradec Kralove, 500 03 +420-737309999
CESKA POSTA S P in Hradec Kralove K Zastavce 309 Hradec Kralove 7 Hradec Kralove, 50341 +420-495214737
CESKA POSTA S P in Hradec Kralove Mrstikova 1122 Novy Hradec Kralove Hradec Kralove 9 Hradec Kralove, 50009 +420-495263711
CESKA POSTA S P in Smirice Nam. Miru 361 Smirice, 50303 +420-49-5421272
CESKA POSTA S P in Cerveny Kostelec 17 Listopadu 298 Cerveny Kostelec, 54941 +420-491463391
ANDRE IRENA ANDREOVSKA in Ceska Skalice Trida T G Masaryka 90 Ceska Skalice, 55203 +420-491452570
CESKA POSTA S P in Jaromer Husova 110 Josefov Jaromer 3 Jaromer, 55102 +420-491813698
ICC in Nachod Kamenice 114 Nachod, 54701 +420-491-420420
VENUS TOUR S R O in Nachod Palackeho 71 Nachod, 54701 +420-491433781
CESKA POSTA S P in Borohradek Nadrazni 40 Borohradek, 51724 +420-494381184
CESKA POSTA S P in Castolovice Masarykova 10 Castolovice, 51750 +420-494320031
CESKA POSTA S P in Ceske Mezirici Zahumenska 445 Ceske Mezirici, 51771 +420-494661220
CESKA POSTA S P in Dobruska Opocenska 71 Dobruska, 51801 +420-494623536
CESKA POSTA S P in Opocno Nadrazni 307 Opocno, 51773 +420-494668991
CESKA POSTA S P in Potstejn Lezenska 93 Potstejn, 51743 +420-494546590
CESKA POSTA S P in Solnice Pod Postou 9 Solnice, 51701 +420-494590981
CESKA POSTA S P in Vamberk Struha 698 Vamberk, 51754 +420-494541383
CESKA POSTA S P in Bila Tremesna C P 276 Bila Tremesna, 54472 +420-499693901
CESKA POSTA S P in Male Svatonovice Nadrazni 105 Male Svatonovice, 54234 +420-499886931
CESKA POSTA S P in Pilnikov Trutnovska 56 Pilnikov, 54242 +420-499898901
CEDOK in Trutnov Bulharska 53 Trutnov, 54101 +420-234711711
CESKA POSTA S P in Trutnov Lipove Namesti 374 Trutnov 3 Trutnov, 54103 +420-499735901
SUNNY ONLINE TRUTONOV KAUFLAND in Trutnov Horska 647 Trutnov, Cze +420-123456789
CESKA POSTA S P in Trutnov Dlouha 572 Trutnov 4 Trutnov, 54102 +420-499733369
CESKA POSTA S P in Zacler Rychorske Nam 10 Zacler 1 Zacler, 54201 +420-499876130
SVET MOBILU in Bruntal Namesti Miru 18 Bruntal, 79201 +420-234-711777
CESKA POSTA S P in Bruntal Zeyerova 1 A Bruntal, 792 03 +420-554714261
MIFIN in Krnov Zamecke Nam. 4 Krnov, 79401 +0042-554610220
CESKA POSTA S P in Stare Mesto Stare Mesto U Bruntalu 25 Stare Mesto U Bruntalu, 793 33 +420-554715610
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