Western Union F.A.Q.

In 1991, Western Union has sold some low-profit division of the company AT & T, GM Hughes Electronics, and to some others. In the same year the company changed its name to New Valley Corp. In 2000 was launched the Web site westernunion.com, with which users from certain countries can independently transfer funds online. In the 1910-1920 years. Western Union is actively engaged in researching, innovating in the field of data transmission. The Western Union Company uses the most up to date technologies and its unique worldwide computer network that allows to carry out quick money transfers payments in more than 190 countries around the world.

List of Places in Croatia

Name Address Phone
HRVATSKA POSTA in Peteranec Matije Gupca 1 Peteranec, 48321 +385-48-636010
HRVATSKA POSTA in Rasinja Trg Sv. Florijana 1 Rasinja, 48312 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Sokolovac Trg Tomislava Bardeka 1 Sokolovac, 48306 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Sveti Ivan Zabno Treg Slobode 15 Cirkvena, 48213 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Sveti Ivan Zabno Trg Karla Lukasa 22 Sveti Ivan Zabno, 48214 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Bedekovcina Trg Ante Starcevica 7 Bedekovcina, 49221 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Bedekovcina Zagorskih Brigada 20 A Poznanovec, 49222 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Budinscina Budinscina 8 Budinscina, 49284 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Djurmanec Durmanec 142 A Durmanec, 49225 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Hum Na Sutli Hum Na Sutli 158 Hum Na Sutli, 49231 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Jesenje Gornje Jesenje 103 Gornje Jesenje, 49233 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Konjscina Zagorska 10 Konjscina, 49282 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Krapina Ul. Lj. Gaja 18 Krapina, 49000 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Lobor Trg Svete Ane 26 Lobor, 49253 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Mace Mace 88/a Mace, 49251 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Mihovljan Mihovljan 51/a Mihovljan, 49252 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Novi Golubovec Novi Golubovec Bb Novi Golubovec, 49255 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Petrovsko Petrovsko 1 Petrovsko, 49234 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Pregrada S. Radica 17 Pregrada, 49218 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Radoboj Radoboj Bb Radoboj, 49232 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Zabok Matije Gupca 19 Zabok, 49210 +385-1-4839166
ERSTE AND STEIERMARKISCHE BANK D D in Zabok Matije Gupca 68 Zabok, 49219 +385-62-374715
SPLITSKA BANKA D D in Zabok Matije Gupca 46 Zabok, 49210 +385-49-226201
OTP BANKA in Zabok Prilaz Franje Tudmana Bb Zabok, Croatia 49210 +385-62201027
HRVATSKA POSTA in Zlatar-Bistrica Josipa Krasa Bb Zlatar Bistrica Zlatar, 49247 +385-1-4839166
HRVATSKA POSTA in Belica Kralja Tomislava 91 Belica, 40319 +385-845110
SPLITSKA BANKA D D in Cakovec O Kersovanija 7 Cakovec, 40300 +385-40-371080
HRVATSKA POSTA in Cakovec Nikole Pavica 14 Cakovec, 40101 +385-1-4839166
ERSTE AND STEIERMARKISCHE BANK D D in Cakovec Katarine Zrinski 1 Cakovec, 40000 +385-21-344687
BANCO POPOLARE CROATIA in Cakovec Trg Kralja Tomislava 16 Cakovec, 40000 +385-40-310386
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