Western Union F.A.Q.

Founder of Western Union Hiram Sibley was born in 1807 in Massachusetts (USA). At age of 14 has mastered the profession of shoemaker, at age 16 he left his native cityand moved to New York, where he went into wool carder. In October 2006 the company made an initial public offering of shares on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming independent from First Data company. Gold Card Loyalty Program Western Union®, aims to encourage regular customers system of of bonuses. Number of active holders of "Golden Card" of Western Union amounted to 9.5 million people worldwide. In 1933, by the Western Union Company were invented "singing telegrams". Leaving the idea of expansion into Europe, Western Union took up the expansion of services in the U.S. market.

List of Places in Brazil

Name Address Phone
BANCO DO BRASIL in Adustina Adustina Pcamaria Jose De Jesus 419 Adustina, Ba 48435000 +55-31-33849096
BANCO DO BRASIL in Antas Praca Edvaldo Nilo, 14 Centro Antas Antas, Bahia 48420000 +55-75-2771160
BANCO DO BRASIL in Cícero Dantas Av. Engenheiro Orlando Teixeira, 29 Centro Cicero Dantas Cicero Dantas, Bahia 48410000 +55-75-2782346
BRADESCO PARIPIRANGA in Paripiranga Pca Rui Barbosa 6 Centro Age5268 Paripiranga, Ba 48430000 +55-8007048383
BANCO DO BRASIL in Paripiranga Praca Ruy Barbosa, S/n Centro Paripiranga Paripiranga, Bahia 48430000 +55-75-2792104
BANCO DO BRASIL in Ribeira do Amparo Ribeira Do Amparo Rceljose Domingues Sneto 42 Ribeira Do Amparo, Ba 48440000 +55-93-35361119
BANCO DO BRASIL in Ribeira do Amparo Rua Cel.jose Domingues S.neto, 42 Centro Ribeira Do Amparo Ribeira Do Amparo, Bahia 48440000 +55-75-4392113
BANCO DO BRASIL in Ribeira do Pombal Rua Evencia Brito, 21 Centro Ribeira Do Pombal Ribeira Do Pombal, Bahia 48400000 +55-75-2761410
BRADESCO AIURUOCA in Aiuruoca Av Cel Jose Justiniano 10 Ag 571 Aiuruoca, Mg 37450-000 +55-35-33441282
BRADESCO CAMPANHA in Campanha R Doutor Cezarino 175 Age6440 Campanha, Mg 37400000 +55-08007048383
BANCO DO BRASIL in Campanha Praca Dom Ferrao, 87 Centro Campanha Campanha, Minas Gerais 37400000 +55-35-32611099
BANCO DO BRASIL in Carmo de Minas Carmo De Minas Avfrancisco Dias Castro 371 Carmo De Minas, Mg 37472000 +55-14-35221355
BRADESCO CAXAMBU in Caxambu R Doutor Viotti 659 Centro Ag 2419 Caxambu, Mg 37440-000 +55-35-33415374
BANCO DO BRASIL in Caxambu Pca 16 De Setembro, 181 Centro Caxambu Caxambu, Minas Gerais 37440000 +55-35-33413040
BANCO DO BRASIL in Conceição do Rio Verde Rua Dr. Jose Rezeck, 16 Centro Conceicao Do Rio Verde Conceicao Do Rio Verde, Minas Gerais 37430000 +55-35-33351700
BRADESCO CRISTINA in Cristina R Dr Silvestre Ferraz 44 Cto Age5528 Cristina, Mg 37476000 +55-08007048383
BANCO DO BRASIL in Cristina Rua Governador Valadares, 14 Terreo Centro Cristina Cristina, Minas Gerais 37476000 +55-35-32811288
BRADESCO CRUZILIA in Cruzília R Cel Serafim Pereira 87 Cto Age5529 Cruzilia, Mg 37445000 +55-08007048383
BANCO DO BRASIL in Cruzília Rua Cel.cornelio Maciel 110 Centro Cruzilia Cruzilia, Minas Gerais 37445000 +55-35-33461800
BRADESCO ITAMONTE in Itamonte Rua Angelina Perroni 40 Age6142 Itamonte, Mg 37466000 +55-08007048383
BANCO DO BRASIL in Itamonte Rua Marechal Deodoro, 65 Centro Itamonte Itamonte, Minas Gerais 37466000 +55-35-33631515
BRADESCO ITANHANDU in Itanhandu Av Fernando Costa 400 Centro Ag 795 Itanhandu, Mg 37464-000 +55-35-33611000
BANCO DO BRASIL in Itanhandu Av. Fernando Costa, 323 Centro Itanhandu Itanhandu, Minas Gerais 37464000 +55-35-33612100
BRADESCO LAMBARI in Lambari R Dr Jose Dos Santos 174 Cto Ag 2442 Lambari, Mg 37480-000 +55-35-32711932
BANCO DO BRASIL in Lambari Rua Wadih Bacha, 127 Centro Lambari Lambari, Minas Gerais 37480000 +55-35-32713802
BRADESCO MARIA DA FE in Maria da Fé R Dom Bosco 208 Centro Age6113 Maria Da Fe, Mg 37517000 +55-08007048383
BANCO DO BRASIL in Maria da Fé Av. Luiz Correa Cardoso 101 Loja Turquia Maria Da Fe Maria Da Fe, Minas Gerais 37517000 +55-35-36621112
BANCO DO BRASIL in Olímpio Noronha Olimpio Noronha Rprimeiro De Marco 450 Olimpio Noronha, Mg 37488000 +55-66-35611526
BANCO DO BRASIL in Olímpio Noronha Rua Primeiro De Marco, 450 Centro Olimpio Noronha Olimpio Noronha, Minas Gerais 37488000 +55-35-32741179
BANCO DO BRASIL in Passa Quatro Rua Tenente Viotti, 540 Centro Passa Quatro Passa Quatro, Minas Gerais 37460000 +55-35-33712100
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