Western Union F.A.Q.

In 1860 the U.S. Congress arranged among the telegraph companies a competition to create a national line. The winner was Western Union. In 1856, in 7 years after the foundation of New York State Printing Telegraph Company, the company changed its name to Western Union Telegraph Company. The Western Union Company - the American company, specialising on granting of services of monetary intermediary. Western Union was founded in 1851. The company is one of leaders in the market of the international remittances. In the summer of 1990 top managers of the Western Union Company spent day and night in the main office in Englewood (Colorado, USA). They needed to meet the challenge: to save the Western Union from bankruptcy, paying off the debts of the company millions of dollars. In October 2006 the company made an initial public offering of shares on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming independent from First Data company. In 2000 was launched the Web site westernunion.com, with which users from certain countries can independently transfer funds online.

List of Places in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brcko Distrikt

Name Address Phone
UNICREDIT BANK D D in Brcko Poslovnica U Brckom Trg Mladih 1 Brcko, Bosnia And Herzegovina 76120 +387-36-356574
NOVA BANKA BRCKO in Brcko Bulevar Mira 4 Brcko, 76100 +387-49-205982
HYPO ALPE-ADRIA-BANK AD BANJA in Brcko Bulevar Mira 11 Centar Brcko, 76100 +387-51-220800
UNICREDIT BANK AD BANJA LUKA in Brcko Bulevar Mira 5 Centar 2 Brcko, 76100 +387-33-268000
RBBH 250267 BRCKO in Brcko Bosne Srebrne 13 (centar) Brcko, 76100 +387-49-216112
BOSNA BANK INTERNATIONAL DD SA in Brcko Bulevar Mira 2 Brcko, 76100 +387-268000
RBBH 250265 BRCKO in Brcko Brcko Bulevar Mira Bb Brcko, 49000 +387-49-204736
SPARKASSE BANK in Brcko Bulevar Mira 30 Centar Brcko, 76100 +387-33-268000
SBERBANK D D SARAJEVO in Brcko Bulevar Mira 3 Centar Brcko, 76100 +387-33-268000
INTESA SANPAOLO BANKA in Brcko Bulevar Mira 8 Centar Brcko, 76100 +387-33-268000
POSTE SRPSKE 76106 BRCKO in Brcko Marina Drzica 2 Brcko, 76106 +387-49-214413
PAVLOVIC INTERNATIONAL BANK AD in Brcko Bulevar Mira 7 Gf Brcko, 76100 +387-51-220800