Western Union F.A.Q.

In the 1910-1920 years. Western Union is actively engaged in researching, innovating in the field of data transmission. July 3, 1884 the company's shares were included in the calculation base for the newly created stock index Dow Jones Transportation Average. Thanks to cooperation with Western Union the Associated Press at the end of the XIX century took almost monopolistic position in the U.S. market news. Number of active holders of "Golden Card" of Western Union amounted to 9.5 million people worldwide.

List of Places in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Name Address Phone
JP BH POSTA 71140 SARAJEVO in Sarajevo Safet Bega Basagica Bb Sarajevo, 71140 +387-33-447311
RBBH 000265 SA ALIPASINA in Sarajevo Alipasina 6a Sarajevo, 71000 +387-33-287193
RBBH 000215 SA NOVO SARAJEVO in Sarajevo Kolodvorska 12 Novo Sarajevo Sarajevo Sarajevo, 71000 +387-33-714530
RBBH 000255 SA UNITIC in Sarajevo Fra Andjela Zvizdovica 1 Sarajevo, 71000 +0387-33-296359
JP BH POSTE 71127 VELESICI in Sarajevo Muhameda Efendije Pandze Bb Sarajevo, 71127 +387-33-273835
PRIVREDNA BANKA SARAJEVO in Sarajevo Alipasina 6 Sarajevo, 71000 +387-33-268000
BOSNA BANK INTERNATIONAL in Sarajevo Dzemala Bijedica 2 Novo Sarajevo Sarajevo, 71000 +387-33-268000
POSTBANK BH POSTANSKA BANKA BIH in Sarajevo Halilovic 16 Sarajevo, 71000 +387-33-268000
SPARKASSE BANK in Vogosca Josanicka Bb Vogosca Sarajevo, 71000 +387-268000
INTESA SANPAOLO BANKA in Vogosca Josanicka 84 Vogosca Sarajevo, 71000 +387-33-268000
JP BH POSTA 71321 SEMIZOVAC in Vogosca Stara Cesta Bb Semizovac Vogosca, 71321 +387-33-434571
UNICREDIT BANK D D in Donji Vakuf Poslovnica Donji Vakuf Slavna Brdska 770 Donji Vakuf, Bosnia And Herzegovina 70220 +387-36-356574
JP BH POSTA 70243 PAJIC POLJE in Gornji Vakuf Pajic Polje Bb Gornji Vakuf, 70243 +387-33-286294
HP OFFICE KRESEVO in Kresevo Fra Grge Martica Kresevo, 71260 +387-036-356574
UNICREDIT BANK D D in Novi Travnik Poslovnica Novi Travnik Kralja Tvrtka Bb Novi Travnik, Bosnia And Herzegovina 72290 +387-36-356574
UNICREDIT BANK D D in Travnik Poslovnica 1 Travnik Bosanska 56 Travnik, Bosnia And Herzegovina 72270 +387-36-356574
JP BH POSTA 72282 MEHURICI in Travnik Mehurici Bb Travnik, 72282 +387-030-564475
HP OFFICE NOVA BILA in Vitez Nova Bila Bb Vitez, 72276 +387-036-356574
NLB TUZLANSKA BANKA in Vitez Kralja Petra Kresimira Iv Vitez, 77250 +387-33-268000
SBERBANK D D SARAJEVO in Banovici Branilaca Banovica 51 Banovici, 75290 +387-33-268000
NLB TUZLANSKA BANKA in Doboj Istok Velika Brijesnica Bb Doboj Istok, 74206 +387-33-268000
SBERBANK D D SARAJEVO in Gradacac Husein Kapetana Gradascevica Bb Gradacac, 76250 +387-33-268000
HYPO GROUP APLE ADRIA BANK DD in Gradacac Husein Kapetana Gradascevica Bb Gradacac, 76250 +387-33-268000
RBBH 250220 GRADACAC in Gradacac Husein Kapetana Gradascevica B Gradacac, 35000 +387-35-818361
UNICREDIT BANK D D in Lukavac Poslovnica U Lukavcu Kulina Bana Bb Lukavac, Bosnia And Herzegovina 75300 +387-36-356574
INTESA SANPAOLO BANKA in Srebrenik 21 Srebrenicke Brigade Bb Srebrenik, 75350 +387-33-268000
NLB TUZLANSKA BANKA in Srebrenik 21. Srebrenicke Brigade Bb Srebrenik, 75350 +387-33-268000
TUZLANSKA BANKA in Tuzla Turalibegova 9 Tuzla, 75000 +387-33-268000
NLB TUZLANSKA BANKA in Tuzla Marsala Tita 34 Tuzla, 75000 +387-33-268000
JP BH POSTA 75106 TUZLA in Tuzla Huisinskih Rudara 80 Tuzla, 75106 +387-33-397322
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