Western Union F.A.Q.

In 1920, Western Union has implemented the world's first transmission of images over the ocean. In February 2009 the company entered into an agreement with Fexco to acquire 100% of its shares for $ 159.9 million. Separation of the companies had two objectives: first, to give Western Union the opportunity to develop more intensively, and secondly, to help First Data to return to its original activity (in 1992 the company separated from the payment system of American Express as an independent financial services company). The presence of Western Union Gold Card at the client greatly simplifies the process of further processing of money transfers of and reduces the operation time for the sending of money, as the "Gold Card" is a carrier of the personal information about the client. Payment systems are one of basic elements of infrastructure of e-commerce. By 1861 Western Union telegraph lines entangled the whole America. It's time to explore Europe. July 3, 1884 the company's shares were included in the calculation base for the newly created stock index Dow Jones Transportation Average.

List of Places in Belgium, Walloon Region

Name Address Phone
BPOST in Anderlues Ch De Charleroi 20 Anderlues, Hainaut And Namur 6150 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Binche Rue De Carlo Mahy 2 Binche 1 Retail Binche, 7130 +32-78-155157
POINT POSTE LIBRAIRIE DE PERON in Binche Avenue Leopold Iii 198 Peronneslezbinche, Hainaut +32-64-337995
BPOST in Charleroi Chaussee De Charleroi 87 Gilly 1 Charleroi, 6060 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Charleroi Rue Du Calvaire 2 Gosselies Charleroi, 6041 +32-78-155157
BPOST CHARLEROI VILLE BASSE in Charleroi Place Albert 1er 4 Charleroi, 6000 +32-78-155157
BPOST CHARLEROI 2 in Charleroi Rue D Orleans 1 Charleroi, 6000 +32-78-155157
TRAVELEX NV SA in Charleroi Quaie De La Gare Du Sud S N Charleroi, 6000 +32-71-535508
DAYIM SPRL in Charleroi Route De Mons 25 Charleroi, 6030 +32-71-701336
BPOST in Charleroi Rue Dewiest 146 Jumet 3 Charleroi, 6040 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Châtelet Rue Marechal Foch 18 Chatelet Charleroi, 6200 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Chimay R Rogier 5 Chimay, Hainaut And Namur 6460 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Estinnes Ch De Brunehault 302 Estinnes, Hainaut And Namur 7120 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Farciennes R Armand Bocquet 15 Farciennes, Hainaut And Namur 6240 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Ham-Sur-Heure-Nalinnes R Couture 11 Nalinnes, Hainaut And Namur 6120 +32-78-155157
BPOST in La Louvière Rue Paul Leduc 19 La Louviere 1 La Louviere, 7100 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Les Bons Villers R Albert 1er 9 Frasnes Lez Gosselies, 7070 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Lobbes R Entreville 8 Lobbes, Hainaut And Namur 6540 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Merbes-le-Château R Lengrand 11 Merbes Le Chateau, Hainaut And Namur 6567 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Momignies R De Beauwelz 20 Momignies, Hainaut And Namur 6590 +32-78-155157
CHANGE GOFFIN in Mons Rue De La Houssiere 8 Agence Dediee Western Union Mons, 7000 +32-080014555
BPOST in Mons Rue Fernand Bouteiller 1 Nimy Mons, 7020 +32-78-155157
BPOST MONS 1 in Mons Rue Leopold Ii 1 Mons, 7000 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Mons Rue De La Clef 41 45 Mons 2 Mons, 7000 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Mons R De La Cascade 1 Hyon, Hainaut And Namur 7022 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Quévy R Du Moulin 11 Givry, Hainaut And Namur 7041 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Seneffe Pl De La Gare 1 Seneffe, Hainaut And Namur 7180 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Sivry-Rance Grand Place 20 Sivry, Hainaut And Namur 6470 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Thuin Pl Du Chapitre 7 Thuin, Hainaut And Namur 6530 +32-78-155157
BPOST in Ans Rue De L Yser 407b Ans 2 Liege, 4430 +32-78-155157
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