Western Union F.A.Q.

Western Union incomes for 2007 have made $4,9 billion US dollars, and the quantity of transactions has made 572 million. Thanks to cooperation with Western Union the Associated Press at the end of the XIX century took almost monopolistic position in the U.S. market news. In February 2009 the company entered into an agreement with Fexco to acquire 100% of its shares for $ 159.9 million.

List of Places in Albania

Name Address Phone
PROCREDIT BANK in Berat Bulevardi Republika Berat, Albania 5001 +355-4-2234979
DIBRA UNION in Maqellarë Maqellare Peshkopi, Albania 8302 +355-4-2234979
SIAL in Pajovë Bishqem Peqin, Albania 3503 +355-4-2234979
MARSILDA in Frakull e Madhe Frakull Fier, Albania 9313 +355-4-2234979
ADZ in Mbrostar Mbrostar Fier, Albania 9327 +355-4-2234979
PROCREDIT BANK in Qendër Qender Divjake, Albania 9022 +355-4-2234979
ATLAS in Derviçan Dervican Gjirokaster, Albania 6010 +355-4-2234979
UNION POGRADEC in Buçimas Dogana Tushenisht Pogradec, Albania +355-4-2234979
ELBA 2005 in Tirana Bulevardi Bajram Curri Pallatet Agimi, Nr.16 Tirane, +355-4-2234979
PROCREDIT BANK in Tirana Sauk Tirane, Albania 1044 +355-4-2234979
ARMADAKS in Ksamil Ksamil Sarande, Albania 9706 +355-4-2234979
MARSILDA in Selenicë Selenice Vlore, Albania 9427 +355-4-2234979